Engineering Design

We can assist you with all your commercial and residential engineering design needs. Our business model is a perfect solution for a large scale engineering firm that needs engineering assistance on a contract basis. We are currently working on licensing our business as a professional engineering firm and look forward to working as a sub-consultant for large scale prime firms – so come back soon and we will have an update on our license status.

Transportation Design and Traffic Studies

Our engineers are experienced in Transportation Design. Our president worked on the consultant side for State of Illinois, State of Missouri, and Federal Highway Administration projects. Our vice president worked on the local agency side bringing the projects to construction.  We also specialize in traffic studies & signal design to support access justification to state routes, signage & signal justification & synchronization, and lane modifications.

Excavation, Site Preparation, & Construction

Our testimonials speak for themselves. Backed by 20 years of professional experience in both construction & inspection, our company has the unique benefit of having been on both sides of the coin. We provide excavation, site preparation & construction services. Our experience is backed by professional degrees and the finest attention to detail.

Demolition & Snow Removal

We specialize in tearing it down and building it back up.  Our Vice President worked 10 years in residential and commercial demolition before leaving to work as an assistant engineer for several local agencies.  Although he was still working around equipment, he missed being in it and the satisfaction that comes from seeing an abandoned or dangerous structure come down and something else designed for the space.

Our team is a dedicated group of engineering and construction professionals.


President                                                   Chief of Construction